I was born in the not so small city of Houston, Texas to an architect and a librarian. My academic abilities led me to earn a degree in engineering and a job in IT consulting. For a long time I traveled from city to city helping businesses install and setup their software. Along side my work, I developed an interest in cycling, yoga, and eating right. But conversly my body got healthy as my soul withered in my career.

In 2011, I got a job working for Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles and moved my life to the west coast in search of something more. I found a city rich in depth and life and am making my place here. In 2016, I found the courage to quit my career and haven't looked back. Today I hope to find happiness in doing the work I love: helping others find wellness in body, mind and soul through coaching and bodywork.

If I'm not doing yoga, then I'm probably cooking or rock climbing. Eatbikeyoga.com started in 2009 as a blog to share my thoughts about food, bikes and yoga. Over the years it has evolved to a bigger gateway into my life. Thanks for visiting!